Welcome to the online home of our 7th Sea game!

Those of you that speak Ussuran might already be afraid.

I will be updating this page bi-weekly to follow our misadventures. It is up to you, the players, to decide how much time and effort you wish to invest in our game. You can start with creating your player character’s profile and adding your backstory or other character info. This is useful for more than one reason; having an online copy of your character’s stats helps you AND me in case your character sheets go up in flame. As I have character sheets at the moment, I’ll put your stats in for you but you have to make your character page first. :D

You will not be required to follow along online, but I will try to keep things updated so we can save precious game play time by doing our summaries of the previous game online. I have also been considering an Ascended subscription for this account. This benefits you in many ways; we have more maps and all kinds of cool things we can do to customize our game. This means you could each have a map on your own laptop in case you couldn’t see the board or my little scribble drawings.

Please be patient as this page is currently under construction and I’m working on the wiki. :D


The Race for the Abrekaats Prophecy

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