The Race for the Abrekaats Prophecy

Venturo's Letter

My dearest Alanza,

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for some time, but whenever I sit to do so the words break apart and flutter like snowflakes into nothing. I have so much to tell you, and I fear that I won’t be granted the privilege of telling you myself. I’m afraid a mere note will have to suffice once more.

I have lost sight of our vision. Somewhere in the bloodbaths and the trials, I dismissed the voice of sanity and admitted something rageful and inhumane. It lit within me an insatiable hunger, like a fire that consumes forests and remains yet unfulfilled. I lost sight of what was most important, and I see that now ( at last!) when it is far too late and I am undone. I’m in too deep to go back; this dark heart knows what it has done. I will be punished for my deeds, and I will not fight them when they come for me. I do not fault you for leaving my side to pursue the dream we shared of a nation: proud and united in Theus so that when this war is over, the people will have hope to help them pick up the pieces. They will return to torn and divided Castille and they will make the land beautiful and verdant once more. This dream is not yet over; it lives in you. I know you will see Torres proud again, risen from the ashes.

All this time you warned me, reminded me of who I was and that the work my hands had wrought was not the man you knew and you did not relent. I was so ignorant, like an impenetrable stone. Perhaps that is what I’ve become. Even now I see hope in your eyes when mine have grown dark. I know that all these years I could not give you what you longed for, even though you deserve so much better than anything I could offer. It is too late for even the possibility; I have gone too far beyond reconciliation. If I am gone before this letter finds you, let it set your heart to heal and do not bear these scars of mine. I failed Castille, but more directly I failed you who loved me most. You deserve to know the truth, Alanza. I *ink blots *

Who's a bad blogger? This girl!

Sorry about not keeping up on this on the virtual webs, but I figured we all kindof remember what we’re doing. Going to post some relevant character letters and such on here for posterity…and so I don’t have to pass paper around during game. >.>


The Quotes
Players, thy mouths Runneth Over.

I figured that since I’m keeping a small ledger of the hilarious quotes from our Tuesday night sessions, I thought I might put them in a place where they can be found and read at your leisure.

“You may not fuck my goats. My neighbor, I do not like him, so you may fuck his goats.” – Graig/ Don Esteban

“Don’t…poke…zee horse..” – Shawn/Aleric

“I understand “on fire”." -Shawn/Aleric

“These clothes must stay in the mausoleum of his life.” -Kelly/Ciro

" Too bad we don’t have an instrument that is kindof shaped like a crow for lifting these floor boards…" -Kelly/Ciro

" I did not see a cow that we could savage." -Ben/Friedrick

“This church isn’t gonna burn all night with the rain!” -Bill/Hallbjorn

“I want to hug him, and squeeze him, and call him….Pablo.” -Kelly/Ciro

“We will wear our night yellows! Bring us your darkest pastels!” -Bill/Hallbjorn

“My son! My son! …Cow!”- Ashley/Violate

“My lord Ciro, it appears that one of the lights has eaten Hilde.” -Friedrick

" This isn’t a doctor thing. This is a “you can’t swim” thing." -Halbjorn

“We’re not judging, but this IS all because of you.” -Halbjorn

“It’s never Friedrick’s turn.” -Friedrick.

“The make up is fresh, the doctor is drunk, and I want to be in town.” -Kelly/Ciro

“I’m covered in spirit puke and I feel great!”

“For science, one of your heads should eat the cookie.” -Ben

“That’s why they couldn’t let me into Mormonism: the knife fighting.” -Bill

“I don’t want to know what a shot of Ciro to the face means!” -Graig/Esteban

“This is Gladys, my favorite shovel.” -Ciro
“I’ve never seen you treat ANY of the shovels differently. That is a random shovel.” -Halbjorn

“This is not a false cliff!”

“Don’t you love being outside??” -Friedrick

“Specimen, ho!” -Hallbjorn

“Top gear…Top Gun? How did we get to Top Gun? I like changing it to Top Gun.” -Kelly

“I think you’ve been thinking about men’s hair too much.”
“I think you don’t think about men’s hair enough!!” -Ciro

“No one touches my manservant but me!” -Ciro

“Congratulations on the imminent regeneration of your hand, sir!” -Friedrick
slap! -Ciro

“I recommend broccoli over banana. There is nothing sexy about broccoli.” -Friedrick

“We’re in Eisen! Everyone loses an eye at some point!” -Ash G

“I think there should be more squirrels water-skiing than fairies.” -Kelly

“I will tell my tale despite people playing madlibs with my story!” -Ciro


Haunted Towns and Faceless Men
The Mysteries of the Mountains

The traveling party made their way from the town and into La Sierra de Hierros, Castille’s famed and colorful mountain range. Local legends tell of ghostly wagon trains and specters that haunt the mountains at night, and so many do not make the trip through the Mountains and into Vodocce.

Our intrepid adventurers made their way to a mining town called Eagle’s Reach by following a river trail, and discovered quickly that many of the peasant legends were correct. They discovered an abandoned mining town which held a great deal of secrets, and a number of restless spirits in need of absolution. Following a day of sleuthing in the torrential downpour, which has yet to cease, our adventurers were able to put the spirits of a Don, his beloved would-be wife, and a defected musketeer to rest, all of whom fell victim to a psychotic doctor and his fate witch assistant.

Continuing on the trail, and hot on the tail of a sizable traveling party of Inquisitioners, our cautious heroes have taken up residence in a cave. They have made every effort to go undetected by the Inquisition, but have they succeeded?

A fallen man in clergy robes was discovered on the mountain trail with his entire face sliced off. An Inquisitress lures two well-meaning heroes, Ciro and Aleric, into her world with her song…which for all the world sounds too joyful for a Vaticine funeral dirge. A pot of accidentally hallucinogenic stew drops the camp guard for several hours, and our party awakens to discover that Diego, son of Violate, has gone missing. Naturally, any mother in this situation would be distraught, but why is Violate so adamant that the child’s death is imminent?

We continue our search for answers in two weeks time.

The Pitch

Ussuran explorer Ivan Ostrat and Vendel Hildegard Thorsdottir, a traveling duo, are desperately seeking five artifacts.

Some will be easy to obtain with the right group, others will be considerably more difficult. They believe that these five artifacts together will remove magic from Theah altogether.

They are not the only ones that know of the ancient text, found in the rubble of an old stone cottage in Ussura and perfectly preserved among the stones. Since an eager member of the Explorer’s Society brought a copy of the text to Castille to be analyzed, it fell into the hands of the Inquisition who have been seeking the couple ever since.

Three copies of the text were made:

  • Ivan and Hilde have the original, which Hilde keeps on her person.
  • The Inquisition “acquired” the copy from the unfortunate Explorer
  • The third one has gone missing while the two stopped over in Avalon.

Hilde’s father, a very wealthy Vendel merchant, is funding the quest to the tune of 50,000 guilders, to be split among the group when all five artifacts are turned over to him…although additional artifacts may reap handsome rewards.

Who will find them first? What secrets lie in that ancient text? Will our heroes survive, or will magic and their users be destroyed forever in Theah?


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