Violate Minez de Soldano del Castille

Mother. Swordswoman. Jenny.


Physical Description:
Long dark hair that falls in ringlets with onyx eyes to match. She appears to be around her mid twenties with an average stature and breath-taking features. she carries herself well and seems to have had lessons in proper etiquette, however, when angered she shows behaviors more associated with the lower class. he clothes are plain, but they seem to be made of a nicer fabric, and a Jenny pin can be seen near her heart.

Close to her side, is a young boy of the age 7. As he son, his name is Diego Minez de Soldano del Castille. He shares his mother hair and eyes, but shows features that seem to be inherited from his father. He is quick to speak his mind, and is terrible at hiding his high-class origins.


current status: screwed.

Violate Minez de Soldano del Castille

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