Frederick Granswicz

A Talented Young Eisen Man


Arcana: Stubborn.

Brawn: 4. Finesse: 3. Wits: 2. Resolve: 2. Panache 3. Speaks all languages. Writes Low Eisen, High Eisen, Avalonian and Vendel. Advantages: Able Drinker. Academy. Linguist. Stunning Appearance (adds 2 unkept to all social roles). Swordsman School : Loring. (Skills: Hook 2, Disarm 2, Bind 2)

Panzerhand: Attack 3, Parry 2. Base Damage 6k2. Pistol: Shoot 2, reload 1. Base Damage 4k3
Athlete: Footwork 3. Climbing 1. Throwing 1. Sprinting 2.
Rider: Ride Horse 1.
Courtier: Fashion 1, oratory 3, ettiquette 2, Dancing 2. Sincerity 1.
Performer: Acting 1, Singing 2, Disguise 1.
Artist: Writing 1, scultping 1, drawing 1, Composer 2, Musician 2
Scholar: mathmatics 1. research 2, philosophy 1, history 2
Servant: Menial Tasks 1. Unobtrusive 1. Drive Carriage 1.

Passive Defenses: Parry 15 (Active 5k2). Footwork 20 (active 6k2). Ride 10 (active 3k2.)

Inventory: Cart with Horse, 2 pistols, 2 panzerhands, 10’ pole, Backpack, Lockpicks, 10’ thread, sewing equipment, gunpowder enough for 28 more shots, 3 shovels, 9 bottles of ink, 9 pens, 5 blank books, 10’ chain, 50’ rope, telescope, 3 kegs of beer, measuring tools, 50 guilder, 10 bottles of rum, a file, sealing wax, seal, lantern, lantern oil.


Freiburg was an interesting place to grow up. Frederick did just that, grow up in Freiburg, as the second son of a local bartender. Life was as you’d expect it: Lots of drinking, getting in brawls, performing music while grunting at pretty girls, but the average life left something… empty in Frederick. At first, an attempt at valor and honor through the guard of Freiburg was almost enough. Frederick went through training for the guard in record time, and was immediately put on foot patrol.

That’s when he found his passion.

One day, after beating a few thug’s heads in together in protection for the current lord Drackenheim, Frederick found a note on the ground. The note contained a small piece of sheet music. Frederick had a mind for music, having played in his parent’s bar for extra money on more than a few occassions, and immediately went about playing it. It sounded… odd. Frederick sat for a bit and thought about what he was looking at, and realized… it was a code!

The code was easy to crack, and after figuring out where to watch, a few more letters were found within a couple of months. After gaining a bit of courage, Frederick approached the residence in question, and played a few notes outside the house.

“Where did you learn that?” A man from inside asked almost immediately.

“Your correspondences, it would appear” Frederick responded.

To make a long story short, the man took to Frederick, and his way of figuring out codes and ciphers through music. Frederick was almost immediately introduced to the ideas of the Invisible College. The man used his contacts to get Frederick enrolled in an academy almost overnight, and once again Frederick showed his aptitude at learning, picking up almost every language out there, as well as many intellectual and performance based pursuits. Currently traveling after graduation, Frederick has become enamored with proving that magic is a science, just like anything else, and has gotten himself hired on to an adventuring party in an attempt to find out more about different cultures and their histories with magic!

Frederick Granswicz

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