Ciro Caligari

Adventurous Man of Caligari


Vodacce Noble of the Ambrogia Sword School

Brawn 000
Finesse 000
Wits 000
Resolve 000
Panache 000

Defeated (2) – Villanova
Obligation (2) – Family
Arcana: Overconfident

Keen Senses (1 unkept die for perception rolls)
Combat Reflexes (reroll 1 die for initiative)
Above Average Appearance (1 unkept die for perception rolls)
Languages: Vodacce (R/W); Castillian (R/W)


Dancing 00 5k3
Etiquette 00 5k3
Fashion 00 5k3
Oratory 0 4k3
Gossip 0 4k3
Seduction 0 4k3
Sincerity 0 4k3

History 0 4k3
Math 0 4k3
Philosophy 0 4k3
Research 0 4k3

Shadow 0 4k3
Stealth 00 5k3

Ride 0 4k3
Tracking 0 4k3
Street Nav. 0 4k3
Climbing 00 5k3
Stealth 00 5k3


Feint 0 4k3
Pommel Strike 000 6k3
Riposte 00 5k3
Exploit Weak. 0 4k3

Attack 000 6k3
Parry 0 4k3

Attack 0 4k3+2
Parry 000 6k3+2

Attack 00 5k3
Throat Strike 00 5k3

Climbing 00 5k3
Footwork 000 6k3
Sprinting 00 5k3
Throwing 0 4k3

Passive Active
Footwork 20 5k3
Parry (sword) 20 6k3+2
Parry (dagger) 10 4k3
Ride 10 4k3
Riposte (after successful Active Defense, can counterattack = 1/2 parry & 1/2 attack + dots in Riposte to one side)

Lefthanded (No off-hand penalty & +2 dmg w/ fencing & dagger)
Soldano Rapier (adds 2 dmg)

WEAPONS: (p.21)
Soldano Rapier (To Hit: 4k3+2)(DR: 4k2+4)
Dagger (To Hit: 6k3)(DR: 3k2+2)(Range: 9 yrds)
Rapier (To Hit: 4k3)(DR: 4k2+2)


Ciro Caligari was born to a noble Vodacce family on the mainland city of the Caligari. At his birth, he let out such a wailing cry that the milk dish set out of the cat curdled and the street dogs barked for hours. However, his older twin sister born minutes before him had cried so loud, the cows had already fled their pastures… 12 miles outside of town. Such was his life, overshadowed not only by his fate witch twin sister, Cynthia, but also by his two older brothers Gianni and Giuseppi, and his younger sisters Agostina, Claretta, and Beatriz. (Father: Octavio, Mother: Maria, Father’s Mistress: Rosina)

In such a crowded household, Ciro was never short on company, which made creating his own adventures wherein he was out exploring (and not at home) quite attractive. This has stuck with him into adulthood, and he considers himself to be a professional amateur archeologist. (You read that right. He may have his wits about him, but Ciro is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. That would be Cynthia. But she wouldn’t keep a knife in the drawer; she would keep it hidden in her sleeve, in easy reach.)

While Ciro’s court-side behavior is not the best (that would be Agostina and Claretta), his passions for travel and dirt-digging are considered suitable in a Caligari. At least in the eyes of their Patriarch, Vincenzo Caligari, whose household has no qualms allowing the funding for his adventures to continue. Especially if any Syrneth information returns home for documentation. With this backing, Ciro’s notes will be published and his findings will be displayed at the manor house on Caligari Island.

Ciro is on his first great expedition outside of Vodacce on the rumor that there are ruins in the mountains of Castille that may hold worthwhile secrets. He has hired the services of the Eisen minstrel, Frederick, as a companion and manservant on this adventure. (Someone has to help dig, and a man with a voice is good company.) He is determined to see his mission through without his family looking over his shoulder.

None of Ciro’s siblings wish him ill in the Great Game. Most consider themselves able to outmaneuver him, as he is not in any direct lines of succession. Better him and his boisterous nature were out of the island courts and put to better use. But if he was to make some great discovery, one that made him famous or gained him the favor of Vincenzo… well, as long as it does not disrupt their schemes.

Ciro Caligari

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