Aleric von Recht

Heilgrund's Exile


Blonde hair? Blue eyes? On an EISEN? PREPOSTEROUS!

Brawn •••
Finesse •••
Wits •••
Resolve •••
Panache •••

Keen Senses
Lightning Reflexes
Inheritance 1
Heilgrund Accent

Riposte ••
Tagging ••
Wall of Steel ••
Exploit Weakness (Durchset) •

Civil Skills

Scholar Criminal Courtier Streetwise
History ••
Gamble • Dance • Socialize •
Math • Shadow • Ettiquette • Street Nav •
Philosophy • Stealth ••• Fashion •
Research •• Lockpicking • Oratory •
Occult •• Lip Reading •

Martial Skills

Fencing Dirty Fighting Athlete Rider Firearms Knife
Attack •• Attack • Climb • Ride • Attack • Attack •
Parry ••• Footwork ••• Parry •
Sprint •
Throw •
Running •
Languages Defense Knacks
Eisen (Read/Write) Footwork 20
Castillian (Read/Write) Parry(Fence) 20 (24)
High Eisen Parry(Knife) 10
Vodacce (Poor)

Arcana Rash



Castillian Outfit Eisen Uniform Eisen Nobility Eisen-Castillian Outfit
Red Jacket w/ Gold Embroidery Black Coat Black Jacket Black Jacket w/ Blue stripes on sleeves
Black Pants w/ Gold buttons up each leg Black Pants Black Leather Pants Black Leather Pants w/ Silver Buttons
White Skill Shirt White Shirt Blue Shirt Blue Silk Shirt
Black Boots Black Boots Black Riding Boots Black Leather Boots

Black, worn swordsman gloves

Bachberg Dracheneisen Sabre
Damage: 2k2
Backberg’s (Mountain Stream) blade has a wavy style pattern to the blade. The basket hilt is inlaid with the design of a golden mountain behind the Vaticine Cross. The grip is black leather with a Drachenhead on the pommel. The martingale is a black cord.

The scabbard is black with gold ornamentation. There’s a mountain and forest motif across it.

The sword belt is black leather. The buckle is the Von Recht family crest. There is a swordsman’s guild pin to the right of the buckle and beside that is the symbol of his academy.

3 Pistols
10 shots each
6 Powder measures


117 Marks
30 pistoles
35 Dubloons, 17 Marv
57 Guilders
42 Seats 4 Senators


The third son of the von Recht family, Aleric was supposed to live a life of scholarly decadence. His eldest brother was the heir. His elder brother gone to train at the Academy to be a general. Life, as it always is in Eisen, did not care for the plans of men. His eldest brother died in battle, leaving his elder brother to carry on the family line. His elder brother is not well though, a lingering sickness having taken hold of him.

Aleric von Recht

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