Doña Adabella Yañez Zepeda del Castille

Famed Bullfighting Daughter of the Zepeda Family


What you mean you have never heard of me?! This is ridiculous! Where my birdie?! We are leaving now! Me voy!

Nationality: Castille
Profession: Bullfighter

Brawn: *
Finesse: * *
Wits: * * *
Resolve: * *
Panache: * * *

Connections (1)
Appearance (Above Average)

Arcana: Stubborn

Reputation: 0 (-2 Reputation Dice in Castille)

Swordsman School: Zapeda
Bind (Whip): * * *
Disarm: * * *
Tagging: * * *
Exploit Weakness (Zapeda): *
Mastery: *
(Spend 1 Action Die to crack whip and increase TN to be hit by 5)
Skill: Whip
Attack: * * *(Free Raise)
Skill: Athlete
Climb: *
Footwork: * * *
Sprint: * * *
Throw: * *
Swim: * *
Skill: Courtier
Dancing: * * *
Etiquette: *
Fashion: * *
Oratory: *
Skill: Rider
Ride: *

Castille (Lit)
Thean (Lit)

Whip: 0k1, (1 lower action dice when attacking, +5 to initiative total)


Mayhaps you have heard of her, mayhaps you have not. The young Doña Adabella has only joined the corrida or bullfighting circuit in recent years and though she has won some small victories here or there, her fame is still limited. She has yet to even earn herself the title of Valiente.

Of course it is not necessarily her fault that her reputation is still limited. The originally isolationist Zepeda family of her father is still struggling with the battles against Montaigne now that they are on the front line of the war. Her mother’s family, the Yañez family, is a lesser noble family known for its animal rearing and training within the Rancho Gallegos. It is there she was taught the art of bullfighting. But it is also rumored that one of her uncles may be a member of the Order of Muleta, an group which practices the outlawed tradition of murdering the bull at the end of the fight. Such accusations to her face will earn you a quick lash from her whip. She will then storm away with her treasured pet bird, Camilla, cursing in a spirited fashion under her breath. She may not be well known for her exploits, but her fiery passion and above average beauty do win her some attention for other reasons.

Adabella also wishes it to be known that she strongly dislikes Eisen and its course language. It sounds like Eisen are violently sick every time they speak!

Doña Adabella Yañez Zepeda del Castille

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