The Race for the Abrekaats Prophecy

The Quotes

Players, thy mouths Runneth Over.

I figured that since I’m keeping a small ledger of the hilarious quotes from our Tuesday night sessions, I thought I might put them in a place where they can be found and read at your leisure.

“You may not fuck my goats. My neighbor, I do not like him, so you may fuck his goats.” – Graig/ Don Esteban

“Don’t…poke…zee horse..” – Shawn/Aleric

“I understand “on fire”." -Shawn/Aleric

“These clothes must stay in the mausoleum of his life.” -Kelly/Ciro

" Too bad we don’t have an instrument that is kindof shaped like a crow for lifting these floor boards…" -Kelly/Ciro

" I did not see a cow that we could savage." -Ben/Friedrick

“This church isn’t gonna burn all night with the rain!” -Bill/Hallbjorn

“I want to hug him, and squeeze him, and call him….Pablo.” -Kelly/Ciro

“We will wear our night yellows! Bring us your darkest pastels!” -Bill/Hallbjorn

“My son! My son! …Cow!”- Ashley/Violate

“My lord Ciro, it appears that one of the lights has eaten Hilde.” -Friedrick

" This isn’t a doctor thing. This is a “you can’t swim” thing." -Halbjorn

“We’re not judging, but this IS all because of you.” -Halbjorn

“It’s never Friedrick’s turn.” -Friedrick.

“The make up is fresh, the doctor is drunk, and I want to be in town.” -Kelly/Ciro

“I’m covered in spirit puke and I feel great!”

“For science, one of your heads should eat the cookie.” -Ben

“That’s why they couldn’t let me into Mormonism: the knife fighting.” -Bill

“I don’t want to know what a shot of Ciro to the face means!” -Graig/Esteban

“This is Gladys, my favorite shovel.” -Ciro
“I’ve never seen you treat ANY of the shovels differently. That is a random shovel.” -Halbjorn

“This is not a false cliff!”

“Don’t you love being outside??” -Friedrick

“Specimen, ho!” -Hallbjorn

“Top gear…Top Gun? How did we get to Top Gun? I like changing it to Top Gun.” -Kelly

“I think you’ve been thinking about men’s hair too much.”
“I think you don’t think about men’s hair enough!!” -Ciro

“No one touches my manservant but me!” -Ciro

“Congratulations on the imminent regeneration of your hand, sir!” -Friedrick
slap! -Ciro

“I recommend broccoli over banana. There is nothing sexy about broccoli.” -Friedrick

“We’re in Eisen! Everyone loses an eye at some point!” -Ash G

“I think there should be more squirrels water-skiing than fairies.” -Kelly

“I will tell my tale despite people playing madlibs with my story!” -Ciro




The Quotes

OK. Well. Hearts are bad, kids. Don’t do ascii hearts! It ate my post D:

Recap: It is never Friedrick’s turn and it still isn’t! Oh, and it sounds like I’m totally high when I play Ciro. PASTA!!

The Quotes

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