The Race for the Abrekaats Prophecy

The Pitch

Ussuran explorer Ivan Ostrat and Vendel Hildegard Thorsdottir, a traveling duo, are desperately seeking five artifacts.

Some will be easy to obtain with the right group, others will be considerably more difficult. They believe that these five artifacts together will remove magic from Theah altogether.

They are not the only ones that know of the ancient text, found in the rubble of an old stone cottage in Ussura and perfectly preserved among the stones. Since an eager member of the Explorer’s Society brought a copy of the text to Castille to be analyzed, it fell into the hands of the Inquisition who have been seeking the couple ever since.

Three copies of the text were made:

  • Ivan and Hilde have the original, which Hilde keeps on her person.
  • The Inquisition “acquired” the copy from the unfortunate Explorer
  • The third one has gone missing while the two stopped over in Avalon.

Hilde’s father, a very wealthy Vendel merchant, is funding the quest to the tune of 50,000 guilders, to be split among the group when all five artifacts are turned over to him…although additional artifacts may reap handsome rewards.

Who will find them first? What secrets lie in that ancient text? Will our heroes survive, or will magic and their users be destroyed forever in Theah?



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