The Race for the Abrekaats Prophecy

Haunted Towns and Faceless Men

The Mysteries of the Mountains

The traveling party made their way from the town and into La Sierra de Hierros, Castille’s famed and colorful mountain range. Local legends tell of ghostly wagon trains and specters that haunt the mountains at night, and so many do not make the trip through the Mountains and into Vodocce.

Our intrepid adventurers made their way to a mining town called Eagle’s Reach by following a river trail, and discovered quickly that many of the peasant legends were correct. They discovered an abandoned mining town which held a great deal of secrets, and a number of restless spirits in need of absolution. Following a day of sleuthing in the torrential downpour, which has yet to cease, our adventurers were able to put the spirits of a Don, his beloved would-be wife, and a defected musketeer to rest, all of whom fell victim to a psychotic doctor and his fate witch assistant.

Continuing on the trail, and hot on the tail of a sizable traveling party of Inquisitioners, our cautious heroes have taken up residence in a cave. They have made every effort to go undetected by the Inquisition, but have they succeeded?

A fallen man in clergy robes was discovered on the mountain trail with his entire face sliced off. An Inquisitress lures two well-meaning heroes, Ciro and Aleric, into her world with her song…which for all the world sounds too joyful for a Vaticine funeral dirge. A pot of accidentally hallucinogenic stew drops the camp guard for several hours, and our party awakens to discover that Diego, son of Violate, has gone missing. Naturally, any mother in this situation would be distraught, but why is Violate so adamant that the child’s death is imminent?

We continue our search for answers in two weeks time.



OOOOOOOO! On the edge of mah seat!!! :D

Haunted Towns and Faceless Men

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